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I love cotton hair!, This blog is dedicated to the thickest hair texture, 4c! big and beautiful. other natural hair blogs to follow! natural hair youtube channels.
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Jennifer lynn barnes, Courtney-kinz asked: hi! i wanted to tell you that i loved the naturals and killer instinct. i read both of them within 36 hours, and my boyfriend thought i was crazy.

Angelina Jolie Greek
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Natural hair care - tumblr, Hey i recently took out my protective style and i wanna know different hairstyles i can do with my length. also if you have ever used a henna what is the true end.Tumblr - ana victorino, Find us on google+ follow my blog: like me on facebook: visitor count my blog rank advertisement.Raybabyray, A final look at my senior collection “sahara goddesses”. this collection honestly did not turn out how i planned, but overall i think it looks decent..Natural hair , natural beauty, I've always had naturally curly hair and a love for natural beauty. from time to time i'll post pictures of my own hair but, for the most part, i'll blog.

Just Cut My Hair

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tan dulce, que cambie tu vida.

Tan dulce, que cambie tu vida. | Read Sources

Reverse Pines Gravity Falls Wendy

Reverse Pines Gravity Falls Wendy | Read Sources

carry your heart with me. I carry it in my heart

Carry your heart with me. I carry it in my heart | Read SourcesBlunt Bangs with Glasses
Blunt Bangs with Glasses | Read Sources

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